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Leading parts company leader stage report

In order to promote the quality and technical level of agricultural machinery parts and components, exchange market experience after parts and components, and enhance the synergy integration capability of agricultural machinery industry chain, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association were in Zhengzhou International on March 29, 2018. The exhibition center jointly held the “2018 National Agricultural Machinery Parts Technology Upgrade and Post-Market Development Forum”. The forum invited Weifang Guhe Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., Leiwo Transmission Co., Ltd., Wuxi Zhonghui Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. and Donaldson (Wuxi). Filters Co., Ltd. and China Yituo Group Co., Ltd. and other five units made a keynote report. More than 100 people from the agricultural machinery industry participated in the forum. The forum was hosted by Ning Xuegui, deputy secretary general of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association.

Li Junnian, Chairman of Weifang Guhe Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., reported on the transformation and upgrading of Guhe Transmission Enterprise in four aspects: concept upgrade, product upgrade, management upgrade and service upgrade. From 2012, Guhe Transmission explored the path of transformation and upgrading. Through the introduction of Japanese expert team, product development technology upgrade, establishment of laboratories, implementation of lean management and other initiatives, after six years of development, Guhe Transmission currently has a range of 20 horsepower to 160 horsepower, three series of more than 40 varieties Drive axle products are the most complete professional manufacturer of domestic product series.

Li Hongjiang, general manager of Wo Transmission Co., Ltd., reported from the two aspects of “creating zero-defect transmission products, promoting the upgrading of agricultural machinery industry” and “precise positioning, cooperation and development of agricultural machinery with Chinese characteristics”.

In the creation of zero-defect transmission products, Leiwo Transmission adheres to the innovation drive, increases investment in scientific research, focuses on lean design, and focuses on the construction of test and experimental capabilities; in accordance with the innovative concept of “developing a generation, mature generation, and reserve generation”, With the main line of management of “no people, no one, no one”, we will promote the upgrading of product strategic capabilities. In the post-agricultural market construction, Lovol Drive improves the professional skills of service personnel and improves the quality of accessories by improving the service network. Due to the quality problems of the parts affecting the reliability of the whole machine, the Lovol drive has become a “center, two bases” for the aftermarket of the agricultural machinery, promoting the industrial value of the post-market and building a market for agricultural machinery with Chinese characteristics.

Wu Shuzhong Hui Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. Zhu Shusheng introduced the company's experience in four aspects, such as improving manufacturing capacity, improving product independent innovation capability, benign interaction with machine manufacturers, and broadening the market structure. He mentioned that manufacturing capability is to ensure products. The most basic guarantee of stable and reliable quality, the quality and quality of agricultural machinery parts affect the reliability of agricultural machinery quality, and the parts and components enterprises are not strong, so the agricultural machinery is difficult to be strong.

Xu Zhicheng, Technical Director of Nathan (Wuxi) Filter Co., Ltd. introduced the application of filters in the agricultural machinery industry from the aspects of emission regulations, technical routes for emission upgrades, diesel filters, air filters, and intelligent filtration. Opportunities and challenges. Without the upgrade of components (including filters), there is no engine compliance and the machine's compliance.

Sun Hongye, deputy director of China Yituo Group Accessories Center, introduced Dongfanghong's accessories business from three aspects: China's development after the market, the development of the market after the operation of the Dongfang Red Parts, and the continuous development trend and recommendations of the post-market. Work and try. Finally, four industry development proposals are proposed. First, strengthen policy guidance and formulate relevant standards. Second, it is recommended to give special subsidies to agricultural machinery parts. Third, protect enterprise intellectual property rights and regulate post-market competition. Fourth, regularly organize industry exchanges and release industry markets. data.

The strength of the components is strong, the development of agricultural machinery components has improved and promoted the upgrading of agricultural machinery products. The forum has invited some agricultural machinery parts leading enterprises, mainframe enterprises and spare parts foreign-funded enterprises around the two themes of technology upgrading and post-market. Exchange and share development experience. These experiences not only have demonstration and leading role for other enterprises in the same industry, but also have a strong reference for the transformation and upgrading of China's agricultural machinery industry.

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